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Why good HR makes good business sense

Behavioural science research indicates that great performing companies and their employees have the following basics in place:

  • They know exactly the reason for their existence, understand what their clients want and how they can uniquely offer a service/solution that is better that the next guy;
  • To do this they further understand the importance of having a human resources approach/methodology/system that can optimally cater for the following:
    • Understanding what is required in every job in relation to tasks, capability and competence and having a job profile/blueprint that represent what needs to be done to contribute to organisational success (i.e. knowledge, skills, attitude & behaviour)(how we do work around here);
    • Where and how to hire/recruit employees that meets this profile (do we have the right talent & quantum of talent, in the right job at the right time);
    • Inducting and on-boarding employees into the company's way of doing (our culture and values);
    • Training & developing employees to meet their highest potential (developing with purpose);
    • Optimising employee performance through honest and structured feedback (efficient, effective and productive); &
    • Retaining employees and building the right culture, remuneration and incentive environment (engaged employees).

And why does all of the above make good business sense? Because the research further indicates that a “well oiled HR engine” results in engaged employees which again impact the level of satisfied and loyal customers; and the latter is directly linked to “wallet-spend”.

So, imagine a work environment in which employees are passionate about your business, highly talented and hugely fixated about exceptional performance. Sounds too good to be true…absolutely not. HRDirect has developed solutions that demonstrate that good HR makes good business sense, and we can prove it. 

Contact us on for a free assessment of the HR State of Health of your business and we'll provide you with recommendations on how to get your employees to deliver great business results. 

(Source: Harvard Business Review. Putting the service profit chain to work. August/September 2008.)