Employees regard the following as important,
i.e. trust in company leadership; the integrity
of managers; a stimulating job; a clear connection
between employee performance and company
performance; career growth opportunities;
pride about the company; having like-minded,
committed co-workers; employee development
opportunities; and having a valuable
employee/manager relationship.
Source: All Things Workplace Blog, April 2009.

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  • HR Direct is a human resources service and solutions offering that is absolutely free.
  • We premise all of our solutions on the research work of the Service-Profit-Chain and the fact that good HR makes good business sense.(Source: Harvard Business Review. Putting the service profit chain to work. August/September 2008.)
  • There comes a time in the lifecycle of a business where you are becoming too big to ignore the people issues in your business, but you are just too small to afford the appointment of a quality HR Practitioner into your team.
  • This web-based service allows you to gain access to a variety of HR tools and with a bit of self-service insight, you should be able to address most of the entry-level employee challenges you may have.
  • At the top of this page you will note a "Register " button. Click on it and follow the easy steps.
  • Once you have registered, insert your e-mail address and password in the top right-hand corner of the website and click on Login.
    • Go to the Services / Solutions tab on the left and click it;
    • Click on any of the numbered HR sections.
    • Once inside a numbered section you will be able to download any Word document, PDF, PowerPoint slidepack, Excel sheet or click on any web-link.
  • We do however acknowledge that even with access to all of these tools, many employers just feel more comfortable when a specialist does the work for you.
  • If you want HRDirect to manage any or all of your employee matters, contact us and we’ll gladly meet in order to explore a solution to your unique needs.
  • If you have an employee question that HR Direct has not yet addressed, we will find the answer for you.