Highly engaged employees miss 20% fewer days
of work and are almost 80% more likely to
be top performers. About 75% of them exceed or
far exceed expectations in their most recent
performance review. These employees are also
more resilient and supportive of
organisational change.
Source: What keeps employees engaged and productive.
Watson Wyatt, March 2009.

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Why employees matter

Extensive research have indicated the following:

  • A link between quality business performance and customer loyalty.
  • Customers will be loyal as a direct result of being satisfied with your products and services.
  • Satisfaction is influenced by the value of products and services provided to customers.
  • Value is also affected by satisfied, loyal and productive employees.
  • Employees will feel and behave appropriately towards customers when they have the right tools to do their jobs and quality support services and policies. Their behaviour is further influenced by their ability to grow, learn and develop, the quality of relationships and leadership they have at work as well as the attitudes and levels of trust that people have toward one another.

It therefore makes good business sense to not compromise on top talent, high performing employees and quality employee practices and policies.
Source: Service Profit Chain (Parasuraman & Owen)